Diamonds & Jewels

What are diamonds?

Diamonds are composed of carbon atoms, in a face-centered arrangement, called diamond lattice. With strong covalent bonding between atoms, diamonds are named after one of its best known qualities; the hardest material known. It also has the highest thermal conductivity of any bulk material.

Diamonds, precious stones or gemstones are commonly referred to as jewels, because of their use in jewelry. Whether in ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece, jewelry was considered of great value, and was often used to show wealth, social status or nobility. With its rich history, beauty and value, it is no wonder why still today it remains part of our culture.

How diamonds and precious stones are evaulated

We use the most advanced and proven methods of evaluation in the industry, including base diamond value and reselling value. Often the reselling value of jewelry is greater than the base value, and we pass on the benefits to you.