Gold and Silver Exchange


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New Mexico


We want to answer all your questions. Below are some common questions you may have, based on feedback from others. If you don't find an answer here, please contact us and we will be happy to give you the answers you need.

What do we buy?

Basically, anything with precious metal content. We used advanced testing techniques, so we can determine the exact quantities of the metals for accurate pricing.

  • Karat gold jewelry scrap:
    rings, chains, charms, earrings, pendants, class rings, bracelets etc.
  • Dental gold alloy scrap:
    crowns, inlays, bridgework
  • Other gold:
    coins, ingots, nuggets, melted lumps, etc.
  • Platinum jewelry scrap, crucibles and industrial materials
  • Palladium coins and bars
  • Silver coins and bars
  • Sterling silver jewelry and scrap
    bench cuttings etc
  • Diamonds of significance

Our Local Approach

Gold & Silver Exchange has been purchasing scrap gold and silver jewelry, dental gold, platinum jewelry and all precious metal scrap materials containing gold, silver and platinum for over 30 years. We test all items right in front of your eyes, and on camera for your protection.

Hassle Free.

With our local approach we make selling a real pleasure - its quick, easy and fun. Watch us use our experience, techniques and technology to evaluate your jewelry, check the live gold prices, and make you an offer on the spot!

A Step Ahead of Scams.

If you are visiting multiple gold buyers to get quotes, make sure ALL testing is done in front of you, never taken to a back room! Also, you can check the price of gold on your smartphone to ensure you are being quoted the latest live gold price.

Why shop local?

  • First, you are dealing with valuables. It is not a good idea to mail them around, even if a mail in offer may look enticing. National chains make decisions on a national level, and do not have flexibility to make exceptions. Our locally owned store has been around for 30 years, building trust and relationships in the community. Our mission is to treat you right, so you come back.
  • By doing business locally, you support yourself; studies have shown that when you give business to an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned business, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers, continuing to strengthen the economic base of your community.
  • Keep your community unique: where you shop, eat and have fun shapes and makes your community the way you like it.
  • Reduce environmental impact: locally owned businesses can make more local purchases requiring less transportation and generally set up shop in town or city centers as opposed to developing on the fringe. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.
  • Create jobs: local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in our community, and provide the most jobs to residents.
  • Better service: local businesses hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling, and take more time to get to know customers.
  • Encourage local growth: by supporting local businesses, you help ensure your community preserves their one-of-a-kind businesses and individual character.