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Learn About Platinum

Platinum is pure: an expression of integrity, a reflection of inner truth. Platinum's purity endows it with a brilliant white luster. This helps to reflect the true radiance of diamonds. Platinum is regarded as the pre-eminent metal for fine jewelry. The white luster of platinum is unique. It is also the strongest precious metal used in jewelry, and is almost twice as heavy as 14k gold. Platinum jewelry does not fade or tarnish. It keeps its looks for a lifetime. Platinum's purity makes it hypoallergenic, an ideal metal for those with sensitive skin.

Platinum Qualities


Platinum is 35 times rarer than gold. Each year, 88 tons of platinum is crafted into jewelry, compared to 2,700 tons of gold. It requires 8 weeks and 10 tons of ore to produce a single ounce of platinum. There is one platinum mine for every 10 gold mines, which makes platinum one of the least common precious metals on earth.


Platinum jewelry is at least 90-95 percent pure. By comparison, 18 karat gold is 75 percent pure and 14 karat is 58 percent pure gold. Platinum is a naturally white metal that requires no additives or rhodium plating. Platinum's brilliant white luster makes it an ideal choice for fine jewelry because its white luster brings out the true beauty of diamonds. Also, platinum's purity level makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Platinum jewelry is a perfect choice for everyday wear. Its incredible density and weight make it more durable than other metals and provides assurance in value. Platinum holds precious stones firmly and securely. While it is the strongest of jewelry metals, it can scratch. But platinum does not wear away and decrease its volume, unlike other metals. Over time, platinum develops a natural patina that many people prefer over the high polished appearance. This look is unique to platinum and can be simply re-polished for those who prefer the high sheen.


In addition to its strength and density, platinum has another remarkable quality, pliability. Platinum is so pliable that just one gram of the metal can be drawn to produce a fine wire over one mile long. This quality has enabled jewelers to create some amazing versatile platinum mesh accessories which could not be fashioned from other precious metals.

Platinum is also used in industry, most notably in catalytic converters. Platinum plays an important role in medicine. It is not affected by the oxidizing reaction of blood, has excellent conductivity, and is compatible with living tissue. Because of these properties, platinum is used for pacemakers. At present, more than 50,000 people are living healthful lives on pacemakers. Platinum is a life-saving metal for these people.